Teaching Philosophy

Teaching is a long-time passion of mine, and I am pleased to announce that I am currently accepting Private Students. In my lessons, we focus on a specific regiment, tailored to your needs and goals. I work with beginning, intermediate, or advanced students. I’ve been a faculty member of Sonoma State University’s Jazz Department, the California Jazz Conservatory, the Stanford Jazz Workshop, The Lafayette Jazz Workshop, the Monterey Jazz Festival’s Education Department, the Reno Jazz Festival, and many more. My areas of focus include: 

  • Saxophone Technique 
  • Improvisation Exercises 
  • Ear Training 
  • Composition 
  • Repertoire 
  • Transcription 
  • Creating and maintaining a practice routine 
  • Staying relaxed, focused, and inspired 
  • Sound Production
  • Deep Listening

Long Tone Exercises

This is a long tone exercise that involves overtones & overtone matching. It's great for developing embouchure strength & flexibility.

This is another long tone exercise that helps develop embouchure strength & flexibility


I took lessons with Kasey for about 2-3 years and I can easily say that she is an outstanding saxophone teacher. She focuses on strengthening your saxophone fundamentals such as technique and sound as well as being analytical about jazz improvisation, solo transcriptions, learning jazz standards and vocabulary. Kasey always encouraged me to try my best at every lesson, even if I messed up. Through her melodic and tasteful improvisations and practice discipline, Kasey has made a more confident musician and I will forever be grateful for that.” - Barrett Koontz
I found Kasey to be a profoundly insightful and inspirational teacher. I took lessons from her both to improve my technique on the saxophone and to learn the art of jazz improvisation. Kasey offers a structured program that is flexible enough to respond to an individual player’s needs and circumstances. I took my lessons with Kasey during the height of the pandemic, so necessarily on Zoom; I was very pleased with how Kasey managed to make the sessions feel just like in-person lessons, with insightful analysis my playing and tailored exercises to help me work toward specific goals. Through a wonderful combination of structure and openness Kasey managed to push me to play with better accuracy, get my jazz articulation down, increase my speed, memorize tunes and chord progressions, transcribe jazz solos, and ultimately create melodic improvised solos of my own. I highly recommend Kasey as a teacher of both saxophone and of jazz improvisation.” - Terry Toczynski
Kasey is an AMAZING player and superfine teacher! I can easily say she’s one of the finest instructors I’ve had for any subject. Studying jazz with her has been quite a journey for me; my goal is to play smart, expressive improvisations and she’s taking me there. I’m a professional, classically-trained player on an unconventional wind instrument; Kasey has taken me from ground zero in jazz to feeling comfy and capable as a developing jazz improviser. In the process, my understanding of theory and musicianship has increased exponentially. I’ve learned a tremendous amount about focusing mentally when playing and improvising, and am a better and more confident musician overall. I recommend her highly as a superb jazz teacher, with a quiet, kind, and gentle manner.” - Frances Feldon
Kasey has been an incredible teacher and source of inspiration for my son as he progressed from being a beginner at age 11 to now being a mature player at age 16, with a level of mastery of sax technique, a deep sense of musicianship, a natural jazz fluidity that would have never been possible without Kasey's supremely attuned, patient, and insightful expertise and guidance. As with her world-class talents as a saxophonist and composer, she's also a world-class teacher of students of all levels and ages. I cannot recommend her enough!” - Ben Silverman
Kasey is simply one of the best players and teachers in the Bay Area. As the Band and Jazz director at King Middle School in Berkeley, I can really appreciate her attention to detail and complete understanding of how to access, and then follow up with the material and music that really pushes the student to the next level. She also has an amazing personality that makes everyone feel comfortable. I have sent many students to Kasey with great results, including my son. Kasey rocks!” - Nancy Boyles